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MRG Summit 2019: Grow Your Work with MRG

Live Event
June 19-21, 2019 @ Summit: June 20 | Master Classes: June 19 & 21

Registration now open! Seating is limited.

The MRG Summit: June 20

The MRG Summit is a free, fast-paced a day of:

  • Exploring the latest product innovations from MRG and how they can broaden the scope of your work,
  • Inspiring, fast-paced stories of how MRG tools are being used by practitioners like you.
  • Insightful research, drawn from MRG’s database of hundreds of thousands of leaders, to enhance your engagements.
  • Lively discussion with MRG leaders and your fellow practitioners to help shape the future of MRG
  • Connecting with other practitioners to broaden (or reignite) your network.

Space is limited for this event, so please register early to secure your seat.

Master Classes: June 19 & 21

MRG will offer two master classes for experienced practitioners to hone their skills and get a deeper understanding of two of our flagship assessments.

LEA Master Class: Wednesday, June 19 | 9am-4pm

Join peer practitioners using the LEA in a multitude of engagements to develop a deeper skill level with this powerful assessment that will include:

  • Exploration of multi-variable combinations
  • Identifying common patterns for both highly effective leaders and those at risk for derailment
  • Discovering and addressing blind spots where self and observer results are not aligned
  • Going beyond the feedback to help leaders build, share, and stick to a development plan

IDI Master Class: Friday, June 21 | 9am-3pm

Using real-word examples, develop a deeper understanding of this nuanced and deeply personal assessment to enhance the impact of your coaching, development, or selection engagements:

  • Re-ground yourself in the IDI dimensions with practical exercises
  • Explore key IDI combinations you may not have considered
  • Discover ways to enhance your interpretation with driver biases, tensions, and paradoxes
  • Explore how personal drivers may serve our clients well, and how they may get in the way
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