Individual Directions Inventory™

Individual Directions InventoryTM

The Individual Directions Inventory explores hidden drivers and untapped sources of energy, connecting motivation and behavior in innovative new ways to empower individuals and organizations to make unprecedented progress toward their goals.

A flexible assessment for use in:
  • Executive coaching
  • Selection
  • Development and retention of high potential leaders
  • Outplacement, retirement and transitions
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and culture shifts
  • Team development
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“We have used the IDI around the globe, on nearly every continent. No matter the country or the circumstances, this assessment has led to some of the most fundamental and important moments of discovery in people’s lives.”


Measuring 17 key dimensions, the Individual Directions Inventory™ is designed to reflect the degree to which an individual gains emotional satisfaction from various areas of work and life.

Many individuals become aware of the need for change but become frustrated when, despite their best efforts and intentions, they cannot break free of unproductive patterns. The IDI unearths the hidden drivers and motivations that are behind the biases and blind spots that can either block or facilitate progress — and in doing so, makes lasting change achievable.

The IDI:

• Surfaces subtle, often hidden drivers to reignite individual energy and illuminate  opportunities for growth
• Highlights aspects of an individual’s ideal environment and strengthens team
• Builds a roadmap for channeling motivational energy to support organizational objectives
• Supports organizational change, coaching, executive transition and candidate selection

Are you ready to experience the powerful insights of the IDI?

Whether you support people within your own organization or work as an external consultant, MRG can help you make the IDI part of your tool kit.

Qualified professionals can apply to become certified to deliver and interpret MRG assessments. The thorough, interactive certification program includes theoretical foundations of the assessment, hands-on practice, and training in the assessment’s practical application.
Whether you need assessments for a small team or support in developing a complete assessment and development program, MRG can work with you or connect you with a certified partner who will meet your needs.


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