Tricia Naddaff Tricia Naddaff

Tricia Naddaff


Tricia has been advising and inspiring individuals, teams and organizations for over 30 years and her passion for the work we do here at MRG spills out the minute she starts talking. Tricia speaks regularly to global leaders focused on improving their effectiveness in their roles and the quality of their lives and is a contributing author to the book “Enlightened Power”. Outside of the office, Tricia likes to spend time with family and friends, sing, eat wonderful food, watch great performances, meditate and walk the beach with her dog and husband.

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Staci Nisbett Staci Nisbett

Staci Nisbett

Vice President

With extensive experience in customer service and business development, Staci now leads ambitious strategic initiatives across the organization, including critical improvements to process and products. Staci is a problem-solver, a passionate customer advocate, and has a heartfelt belief in the importance of the work MRG does to help individuals and organizations become the best iterations of themselves. In more than a decade with MRG, she has helped countless organizations around the world craft unique solutions and programs to solve their toughest leadership development challenges.

In her time away from MRG, Staci serves as the Board President for A Company of Girls, volunteers at the Maine Horse Rescue, loves to dance and travel, and enjoys as much time on the ocean in Maine as possible.

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Jim Lomac Jim Lomac

Jim Lomac

Senior Vice President & Founding Partner, Emeritus

Jim is a co-founder of MRG and was closely involved in the development of our Leadership and Sales Effectiveness models. Over the past three decades, Jim has conducted thousands of leadership and sales workshops for individuals and groups, and has provided leadership development consultation to hundreds of organizations worldwide. Jim’s current focus is on training consultants and internal human resource professionals in the use of MRG’s products.
When not extolling the virtues of MRG, Jim can often be found on the golf course or enjoying time with his wife.

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Lida Hutchings Lida Hutchings

Lida Hutchings

Chief Finance & Talent Officer

Lida brings the unique combination of a highly analytical brain and a very empathetic approach to people that makes her the ideal leader of MRG’s Finance and Talent departments. Lida effortlessly balances the compliance side of her work with a passionate desire to keep us all on a path of continuous self discovery and personal growth.
When she’s away from the office, you are most likely to find Lida cheering for her three busy daughters at sporting events. She also enjoys running, traveling and spending time on the water or the ski slopes with her husband and the girls.

Maria Brown, Ph.D. Maria Brown, Ph.D.

Maria Brown, Ph.D.

Head of Research & Education

Maria is passionate about understanding human behavior and helping people reach their potential. She holds a Doctorate Degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. Maria’s research explores contemporary themes in leadership, motivation, and professional development, including self-confidence, diversity and inclusion, gender, and generational dynamics. Maria presents on these key leadership topics to audiences around the world and her research has been published in Coaching Perspectives Magazine, the Association for Talent Development Magazine, and various scientific journals.

In her role as Head of Education, Maria leads a team spanning various departments at MRG to use their collective expertise to create engaging educational experiences that prepare practitioners to effectively use MRG assessments. Maria’s research on educational practices for adult learners was recognized by the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, and she continues to support an evidence-based approach to education and training.

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Lucy Sullivan Lucy Sullivan

Lucy Sullivan

Head of Marketing

Lucy brings her passions for clear communication and professional development to MRG. She leads the effort to inform and excite clients and the curious about using assessments to unlock limitless potential in the workplace and beyond.
When not shouting MRG’s name from the rooftops, Lucy can be found volunteering for local theaters and favorite causes, tap dancing, and exploring Portland with her family.

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Andrew Rand, Ph.D. Andrew Rand, Ph.D.

Andrew Rand, Ph.D.

Consulting Psychologist

Andrew (Drew) loves helping people and organizations, whether it be providing insight on an individual’s motivational drivers to assisting with the development of leadership training programs. His deep connection and enthusiasm for MRG products cannot be understated. He holds a doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology and is intrigued by psychometric assessment and its practical application to the professional world.

Outside of the workplace, Andrew can be found with his wife and three daughters exploring all of what Maine has to offer. Occasionally, you may find him on the golf course or in his workshop.

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Christine Chasse Christine Chasse

Christine Chasse

Executive Coach

Christine is a PCC certified coach and works with clients to provoke authentic and sustainable change toward exceptional work and uncompromised living. Using a combination of MRG tools and powerful questions, challenges, and encouragement, Christine helps her clients uncover their best selves and how they can bring that to their organizations.
When not inspiring clients, Christine spends her free time skiing, playing tennis, doing yoga, and enjoying life with her husband, son, and two step-children.

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Cindy Hayes Cindy Hayes

Cindy Hayes

Senior Client Relationship Manager

Cindy has been with MRG from the very beginning, joining the founders of MRG in 1983. Over the years, she has worn many hats but she is, first and foremost, passionate about educating clients and responding to their needs. Currently, Cindy is the primary point of contact for all of our prospective new clients and is an ace at understanding their needs and bringing them into the MRG family.
Outside of the office, Cindy enjoys cooking, gardening, day trips exploring New England with her husband, and spending time with her growing family which now includes grandkids.

Kayla Burnett Kayla Burnett

Kayla Burnett

Business Development Representative

Kayla’s previous sales and account management experience within the business consulting industry has allowed her to partner with a variety of clients including independent consultants, multi-national consulting firms, and fortune 100 companies to find solutions tailored to their specific needs. She is passionate about helping individuals and companies find equitable solutions for growth and development.

Kayla lives in Tulsa, OK with her husband Matt, their two dogs Charlie and Clorox, and their cat Luna. In her spare time, Kayla enjoys watching soccer, reading, traveling, and photography.

Loic Sine Loic Sine

Loic Sine

Technical Support Analyst

Loic is a dynamic problem-solver with a sharp mind for tackling challenges. With a strong academic foundation in software engineering and a passion for innovation, Loic brings fresh perspectives to every challenge.

When not in the professional realm, Loic finds joy in exploring new destinations, staying active, and cherishing quality time with family.

Ana Villalón Ana Villalón

Ana Villalón

Client Success Specialist

Based in MRG’s Dublin office, Ana is a problem-solver and passionate client advocate. She handles a wide range of functions at MRG, including project management, marketing support, assisting our partners and clients, and taking care of logistics in the Dublin office.

When not working, you will most likely find Ana enjoying the great outdoors in the form of a dip in the sea, hiking, Mountain biking or snowboarding.

Torry Raychard Torry Raychard

Torry Raychard

Relationship Liaison

Torry wears many hats at MRG, but her primary passion is helping others. Whether it’s helping our clients navigate our system, project management, or planning the next MRG function, if you need assistance, Torry is the place to start! With 25 years of experience under her belt, Torry can always get you the answers you need.

Outside the office, Torry enjoys spending time with family and her dog Jackson.

Yvette Turner Yvette Turner

Yvette Turner

Accountant-Office Manager

Yvette has a passion for process and organization along with many years of accounting experience.  This makes her the ideal person to handle the accounting functions of MRG.   She also serves as the Office Manager, taking care of our office suite and all office logistics.

When she is not taking care of our MRG home and finances, she enjoys cooking, quilting and spending time with her grandchildren.

Lino Samuel Lino Samuel

Lino Samuel

Senior Developer

Lino works with all aspects of IT within MRG including development of new products, solution building, support and maintenance of the IT infrastructure. Lino is very passionate about problem solving and improving the user experience to meet internal and external needs using the latest technologies.

Outside of the office, Lino enjoys travelling the New England area and abroad, and spending time with his family.

Don McCluney Don McCluney

Don McCluney

Senior Software Engineer

With a varied history in technical support and software development, Don joins the MRG team with a passion and desire to improve the quality and stability of all systems he works on. With a driving focus on building reliable and robust solutions, Don greets every problem with a desire to critically evaluate and operate as a thinking partner for his peers and superiors.
When he’s not writing code or reviewing debug logs, Don finds himself surrounded by his loving wife and two sons – they enjoy camping, swimming, and watching movies.