Team Development with the IDI

A New Approach to Building Better Team Dynamics: the IDI Team Development Report

Building upon the IDI, a groundbreaking tool for measuring motivation, the IDI Team Development Report offers actionable insights into team motivations, patterns, potential biases, and sources of misalignment. This tool helps teams work together more effectively, unlocks untapped potential for productivity, and can result in new levels of organizational achievement.

“What I love about this report is that it respects each person’s individuality. No colors or boxes to oversimplify people. With their uniqueness acknowledged, people can be more open to exploring their impact on each other.”


Designed specifically to supplement the individual IDI Development Report, the IDI Team Development Report is:

Features of the IDI Team Development Report include:
Individual data through the team lens

This robust and comprehensive report delivers team composite data along with individual IDI data, contextualizing the personal motivational profile within the team’s overall motivational composition. A clear, easy-to-read data layout makes it simple for individuals to make insightful observations about how their motivations contrast or converge with those of their colleagues.

Increased focus on the team’s most pressing challenges

Choose from up to 20 themes to tailor the development work to suit the team’s unique needs. The report will include composite team data that is relevant to the selected themes, equipping you to move quickly from a broader team profile to specific, actionable insights that will resonate with the team.

Ready to use the IDI to empower the teams you work with?

Whether you support people within your own organization or work as an external consultant, MRG can help you leverage the power of the IDI for team development.

Qualified professionals can apply to become certified to deliver and interpret MRG's Individual Directions Inventory. The thorough, interactive certification program includes theoretical foundations of the assessment, hands-on practice, and training in the assessment’s practical application.
Whether you need assessments for a small team or support in developing a complete assessment and development program, MRG can work with you or connect you with a certified partner who will meet your needs.


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