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Certification: LEA Companion Products (Strategic Directions, Culture, and Role Expectations)* -December 2020- (U.S. evenings / Asia Pacific mornings)

Virtual Event
Live Interactive Webcast
Wednesday, December 16, 2020 @ 6pm-8pm EST / 10am-12pm AEDT

*Certification in LEA is a prerequisite for participation. Visit the calendar for upcoming classes.

Complete your certification in the LEA Suite by adding its complementary assessments: LEA Strategic Directions™, LEA Role Expectations™, and LEA Leadership Culture™.


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This highly interactive certification will prepare you to use these specialized tools individual, organizational, and group settings. This fast-paced session will ground you in the fundamentals of:

  • LEA Strategic Directions™: Help organizations build a shared set of expectations for the leadership behavior required to achieve their organization goals.
  • LEA Role Expectations™: Establish leadership priorities for a particular role or roles, supporting a smart selection process.
  • LEA Leadership Culture™: Give organizations deep, clear insights into the culture created by leadership practices and behavior.

Cost: $700 / €700

We can also customize certification options to meet your special needs. Contact us now to learn more!


This class is approved for 2  PDC by the Society For Human Resource Management.

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Certification: Full LEA360 Suite | January 2021 (5-part series)

Virtual Event
Weekly Live Interactive Webcasts
Tuesdays, January 19 & 26 and February 2, 9 & 16 @ 10:00am - 12:00pm EST

Get certified in MRG’s landmark leadership development tool, the Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™, and its complementary assessments: LEA Strategic Directions™, LEA Role Expectations™, and LEA Leadership Culture™.

This highly interactive certification program will ground you in the 22 independent leadership practices measured by the LEA suite of tools and will prepare you to deliver feedback in individual, organizational, and group settings.

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You will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice providing detailed interpretation and analysis of assessment results
  • Receive tips and strategies for using the LEA with individuals and groups
  • Understand the range of LEA reports available, and how they apply to different types of engagements
  • Your own LEA 360™ reports
  • One free LEA 360™ assessment and report

Designation as an MRG Certified Partner comes with the following benefits:

  • Access to MRG’s Knowledge Base with:
    • Research and best practice reports
    • On-demand webinars on the latest topics in coaching and development
    • Sample slide decks and agendas
    • Co-brandable marketing materials
    • Detailed assessment information to deepen your understanding of the LEA suite of assessments
    • Sample reports
    • Answers and tips to help you navigate project setup, report ordering and more
  • Access to free support from our team of experts with:
    • Profile interpretation
    • Identifying the best assessment tools for your engagement
    • Ideas for coaching someone through a complex set of results
    • Planning and developing proposals
  • 24/7 access to MRG’s Quest assessment management system so you can launch assessments any time


Cost: $2,100 / €2,100

Contact us now to learn more about custom certification programs for larger groups!

This class is approved for 10  PDC by the Society For Human Resource Management.

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