Personal and professional satisfaction are inherently linked – both to each other, and to your organization’s success.

The professional is personal.

Trying to encourage individual professional development without acknowledging personal motivations and desires leaves the person out of a uniquely personal process. Taking a limited, workplace-only view of key motivational factors leaves you without critical insights. These are the knowledge gaps that can leave you frustrated and puzzled when success fails to materialize.

Personal Directions® goes beyond the workplace and into the world, providing people with life-changing insights.

Personal Directions® measures 18 life architecture and 11 quality of life variables to provide individuals with clear, powerful feedback on how they see themselves in significant areas of their lives. Capitalizing on the insights this feedback brings, Personal Directions® lays a deep, robust foundation for both career development and personal growth to foster individual success at work and in life.

Use Personal Directions®  to reveal:
  • What individuals want from their world
  • Areas of life where individuals have chosen (both intentionally and unintentionally) to invest their energy and resources
  • Unique insights into how individuals feel about the investments and choices they have made
  • Actions to consider, based on what they now know about themselves, as they look into the future

An especially powerful tool for coaching, Personal Directions also provides important insights during transitions such as high potential development, readiness for new assignments, and pre-retirement planning.

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