Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ and the LEA 360™ Suite

Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ and the LEA 360™ Suite

The Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™ suite of assessments offers an expansive, holistic, and unparalleled view of your current and emerging leaders and provides a clear roadmap for growth and increased success.

Flexible assessment tools for:

• Coaching
• Team Development
• High Potential Selection and Development
• Succession Planning
• Mergers and Transitions
• Culture Shifts
• Candidate Selection

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“ MRG assessments recognize that great leadership doesn’t require conformity. It helps me coach people to develop their own unique model of successful leadership.”


The LEA™ measures 22 leadership behaviors grouped into six core functions, creating a uniquely insightful profile that provides a nuanced and scientifically sophisticated development tool. By embracing individual leadership styles and placing them within the context of your organizational environment, the LEA™ stimulates individual and team growth through insights that are accurate, encouraging, and actionable.

With individual, multi-rater and organizational impact versions of the assessment, the LEA™ Suite will help you:

• Identify specific leadership practices needed to achieve your organization’s strategic goals
• Understand the leadership behaviors currently in practice and the gaps with the desired state
• Provide relevant, insightful feedback to leaders from a variety of observers
• Build action and accountability into the leadership development process
• Provide constructive coaching suggestions for key areas of leadership development
• Assess a candidate’s potential for leadership positions
Used alongside other MRG resources, the full suite of LEA assessments functions as the cornerstone of leadership development programs, and provides you with the tools to overcome key challenges, from succession planning in key positions to influence shifts in organizational culture.

Are you ready to experience the powerful insights of the LEA 360™?

Whether you support people within your own organization or work as an external consultant, MRG can help you make the LEA 360™ suite of assessments part of your tool kit.

Qualified professionals can apply to become certified to deliver and interpret MRG assessments. The thorough, interactive certification program includes theoretical foundations of the assessment, hands-on practice, and training in the assessment’s practical application.
Whether you need assessments for a small team or support in developing a complete assessment and development program, MRG can work with you or connect you with a certified partner who will meet your needs.


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