Rethinking Leadership in the Energy Industry

For several years, I consulted within the energy industry. It was a wonderful experience and provided me with a good understanding of what these organizations look for within their leadership. Usually, when someone thinks of the energy or utility industry, they think of a slow moving, conservative, and relatively stable environment. When someone is looking for a relatively conservative stock equity purchase, a utility company is usually in the conversation. (You can even see it in Monopoly – they may not be as flashy as Boardwalk or even Marvin Gardens, but they’re the kind of safe and reliable revenue-generators you want to have in your portfolio.)

What I witnessed was something much different than this; something far more complex. In an era where traditional sources of energy are being questioned, where the lens toward the future is opaque at best, and multiple options for future investment remain open, energy industry organizations are looking for dynamic leaders. Leaders with an ability to set a path, get others on board, and ensure the people around them are energized. It’s anything but slow-moving, boring, and predictable.

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