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My Executive Coaching Journey

By on Wednesday December 7, 2022

Having worked at MRG for more than a decade, I’ve had many opportunities to witness the powerful impact of coaching and leadership development on the people we work with. When I found myself navigating a number of professional changes earlier this year, it became clear I’d found the perfect time to leverage coaching for my […]

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Using Assessments in Selection to Find the Right Fit

By on Tuesday August 2, 2022

Earlier this spring, I wrote about the challenges of replacing a 25-year veteran of our Client Services team, sharing a peek at our selection plans just as our search was getting underway. We had taken our time with the preparations, ensuring that the description was clear and that internally, we were unified in what we […]

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Selecting the Right Tools for the Job

By on Thursday January 7, 2021

Part of finding your groove as a coach or consultant is finding your go-to tools: the familiar, reliable assessment instruments that you know inside and out – that you know get the job done just the way you want. There’s a fine line, though, between a groove and a rut. Sometimes we form such deeply […]

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Putting the “I” in Team: How to Incorporate Individual Data in Group Coaching

By on Monday December 14, 2020

Shared leadership and group development work have emerged in recent months as some of the most in-demand topics in our coaching community. That’s hardly surprising. In this uniquely stressful and challenging time, wise leaders and organizations are embracing a leadership model that helps people support each other, rather than relying on individuals to shoulder a […]

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