Selecting the Right Tools for the Job

Part of finding your groove as a coach or consultant is finding your go-to tools: the familiar, reliable assessment instruments that you know inside and out – that you know get the job done just the way you want.

There’s a fine line, though, between a groove and a rut. Sometimes we form such deeply ingrained habits that we reach for the same tools over and over again out of muscle memory – and may overlook variations that we don’t know as well, but that could do the job even better. For example, some coaches who are enthusiastic and frequent users of the LEA may not be as familiar with some of the more specific tools that are contained within the LEA Suite – tools for selection, strategy, and leadership culture. And there lies the downside of relying on habit: for certain engagements, stretching your limits and trying something new may be worth the effort.

In a recent workshop, MRG I/O Psychologist Andrew Rand tackled a question about when to use LEA Role Expectations vs. when to use LEA Strategic Directions. Here, he briefly explains how to select your tool based on the scope and intent of your work.

Selecting the right assessment tool(s) for your work can be critical to building a solid foundation and having the right data at your fingertips – and it may not always be obvious what to select. Don’t hesitate to “phone a friend” at MRG when you’re in this stage of planning an engagement. As you may well know if you have worked with us for any length of time, our experts are eager to be a thinking partner for you as you work evaluate your options.  

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