Case Study: Helping a Senior Leadership Team Draw their Developmental Road Map

Since I was a kid, when I’ve opened a newspaper I’ve always sought out one thing first: the advice columns. There’s something perpetually fascinating in hearing the unique, sometimes peculiar challenges someone else is facing, mulling over what you might do in their position, and comparing notes with the expert to see what you can glean from their advice.

Maybe that’s why I’ve become fond of case studies – they’re like the business equivalent of a great advice column. Beyond the fly-on-the-wall fascination, case studies are also where we can get some of our best ideas. Because even when a story is unique, parallel elements tend to show up – circumstances, attitudes, goals, challenges – and hearing from another coach about how they worked through the challenge can present any number of “lightbulb” moments.

Our own Drew Rand has published a case study based on his recent work with senior leaders at a large community services organization using the new LEA 360 Enhanced Composite Report. You can catch up on the case study below.

Read the Case Study now >>

And if you’re an MRG client, be sure to check out the brand new Mini Tool Kit for the LEA Enhanced Composite Report, which features the case study along with other resources.

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