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Many of us are experiencing a lonely time – not just personally, but professionally as well. We’re not breaking bread together anymore. We don’t share a laugh with colleagues in the corridors, or run into peers and clients at conferences, meetings, or happy hours.

While it can be difficult, one benefit may be that it requires us to be more intentional about making time to connect with each other, and about how we use that time. Perhaps we can take some inspiration from Sasja Spiertz, owner of Futura Femina, who has launched a new series of interviews with others in the leadership field. She recently sat down with MRG President Tricia Naddaff to talk about leadership: the fundamentals, and their philosophies.

For anyone who has worked with MRG – particularly with Tricia herself – it’s no surprise that a favorite quote came up:

“Self-awareness is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

Another theme became apparent during the discussion: that the future of leadership is shared. Even before the pandemic added its own unique stresses, organizations had come to demand far too much from their leaders – expecting a blend of skills that research shows is nearly impossible to find. There is little doubt that demands will keep expanding; a shared leadership model that leverages the strengths and energy of a broader spectrum of leaders will help organizations not only meet these demands, but meet them without burning out their top talent.

Tricia and Sasja delve into all of this and much more in the interview; spend 30 minutes as a fly on the wall here:

Are you creating content and having conversations during this time? If you’re looking for partnership, reach out to us – we are always eager to connect with our network.

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Also, if there’s anything we at MRG can do to help support you or advise you as you transition to more online coaching, training, and facilitation in the coming weeks, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re all working through this together (even if we’re apart!).



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