Assessing the Assessments: 3 Things to Consider

When it comes to questionnaires, there’s no question: there are a lot to choose from. And while as a coach you may have a personal favorite, different organizations, individuals, and engagements may call for different tools (or combinations of tools). That means  choosing your assessment – or justifying your assessment choice to a client – may start to feel overwhelming.

One thing that may help: focus on the fundamentals of the assessment. What are the essential elements that – independently or in combination with each other – make it unique? When you can recognize and articulate what’s unique about an assessment, you can confirm that it’s the right fit for your project, and feel confident positioning it for a client.

In this week’s video, MRG’s I/O Psychologist Andrew Rand tackles the perennial question: what’s different about the LEA? He offers three specific points of comparison that may help you select the right tool for your next engagement.

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Lucy is the Head of Marketing at MRG. She's a passionate people person who talks with her hands even when she's on the phone. She will not rest until everyone on earth has taken their IDI.

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