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  • Making work and life more meaningful for individuals and organizations with greater insight and true perspective.
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Get Ready for Big Breakthroughs

Management Research Group provides assessments that affect people in profound and important ways. Our tools integrate the uniquely powerful combination of business, science and the human spirit to help individuals and organizations around the world make the most of opportunities to excel and grow. Organizations and consultants in more than 100 countries turn to MRG for assessments that do more than simply give information.  MRG's assessments allow you to recognize and leverage the behavioral assets that maximize every individual's unique potential.

MRG believes that greater insight and awareness makes for more engaged and focused employees. Our philosophy – grounded in a depth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the assessment industry – is that feedback should be robust and descriptive yet practical and non-biased. Over the last 30 years, we have developed scalable methodologies that foster deep insight, cultivate real opportunities for success and inspire an unparalleled degree of confidence.

Our assessments are truly unlike any others. When you are ready for big breakthroughs, only MRG can provide the tools to make it happen.

Management Research Group News and Events

Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout Your Organization 
February 7, 2014

MRG's Rob Kabacoff writes about developing strategic thinkers in Harvard Business Review's blog.  In the study cited, MRG found that a strategic approach to leadership was, on average, 10 times more important to the perception of effectiveness than other behaviors studied. 

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"Although there is an increasing trend of women taking management positions, the fact remains that women are working for major corporations but not leading them," writes MRG client Lynda McDermott of EquiPro International in T+D Magazine. But there are specific steps that women can take to move forward in their approach to leadership, according to MRG president, Tricia Naddaff.

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“I’ve been looking for a product like MRG’s LEA offering for more than 20 years. The architecture of this assessment is better than any I’ve seen. The LEA allows for the unique individual style of a leader, augments their style and encourages developing to their highest potential. This is the solution I have been waiting for.”

Bill Stevens,
The Fulcrum Group,
Toronto, Canada