Digging Deeper: Dispatch from SCP 2019

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

– Albert Einstein

Relentless curiosity. If I had to name one characteristic that the people I’ve met at the Society of Consulting Psychology have in common, it is relentless curiosity. Whether it’s over lunch or during a presentation, the folks from SCP are always asking incisive, thought-provoking questions. This is clearly a group of lifelong learners who have a thirst for knowledge and a need to understand the why beneath the what. So while I may have returned from this month’s conference in Fort Worth a bit hoarse from conversation, I was also brimming with energy and new ideas inspired by this dynamic group.

Many of us at MRG have a tendency toward an “excavational” style of conversation, too – always dig, dig, digging deeper, – and maybe that’s why we at MRG have come to feel so at home there. We’ve been participating in the conference in one way or another since 2016, and this year we were proud to be Diamond Sponsors, helping to support a fantastic program and a lively gathering of people who are passionate about developing others. It was an especially exciting year to take on this new role, since the conference was in a special year, partnering with the Society of Psychologists in Management for a joint conference.

There is no shortage of conference content, and we were busy from dawn to well past dusk hustling from session to session. We were excited to share some of our own content with the group as well. On Saturday morning, Andrew Rand, Maria Brown, and Tricia Naddaff joined forces to lead an in-depth exploration of the Individual Directions Inventory™ during a Tools of the Trade session.

Maria Brown, Drew Rand, and Tricia Naddaff prepare to present.

Later that afternoon, Maria Brown and Tricia Naddaff took to the grand ballroom stage to deliver a dynamic presentation that had a lot of people talking. In The Science of Self-Confidence: Helping Leaders Gain and Demonstrate the Confidence they Need to Succeed, they shared new research that shows an absence of correlation between felt self-confidence and conveyed self-confidence. As you might imagine with such a curious crowd, this inspired a lot of discussion, terrific questions, and shared experiences. (If this topic piques your curiosity, we delivered a version of it last week via webinar – you can catch up on the highlights here.)

It was a whirlwind four days to be certain, but it’s an event we look forward to every year. And of course, one of the great pleasures of the event is spending time with our friends in the MRG network.

Up next, members of the MRG team will be presenting at the SIOP conference in Washington DC, EMCC in Dublin, and back to DC for ATD.

If you’ll be at any of these events, please let us know. We’d like to make sure we say hello – just forgive us if we’re a little hoarse!

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Lucy is the Head of Marketing at MRG. She's a passionate people person who talks with her hands even when she's on the phone. She will not rest until everyone on earth has taken their IDI.

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