MRG's suite of Leadership assessments provides a view of leadership from every angle. From organizational needs and expectations to role specific requirements, individuals, teams, and entire organizations will benefit from MRG's Leadership Effectiveness Model.

While other assessment tools are quick to define "the right way to lead" MRG's philosophy is firmly grounded in the research-based knowledge that true leaders take many forms and draw on combinations of assets and strengths demonstrating that there is no single "right" way to lead.

Intersecting business, science and the human spirit to provide results that leverage an individual or team's unique potential to achieve and contribute to success, MRG's model is unmatched in the marketplace. Measuring 22 leadership behaviors, the Leadership Effectiveness model gives rich and practical insight to expand both individual and organizational development.

Used independently or in combination with other MRG offerings, MRG's suite of Leadership assessments will help you:

  • Identify specific leadership practices needed to achieve your organization's strategic goals
  • Identify leadership behaviors currently in practice within an organization
  • Create selection criteria that help predict the success of candidates for leadership positions
  • Provide relevant, insightful feedback to leaders
  • Build action and accountability into the leadership development process
  • Provide constructive coaching suggestions for key areas of leadership development

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