Make sure your front-line teams are as strong as your products and services. Invest in a high-impact assessment program that fosters excellence in service.

The importance of service to your customer experience can’t be overestimated – but it can be overlooked.

Superior customer service is one of the most effective ways to distinguish your organization to attract new customers and retain your existing community. Yet many businesses fail to invest in robust, comprehensive development for their service teams.

The Service Excellence Model provides accurate and actionable feedback to your service team.

Service Excellence measures 18 specific and relevant service practices using a nuanced questionnaire that is less transparent than other models on the market, providing you with more credible, accurate, and actionable insights. The fast, high-impact feedback that Service Excellence delivers helps your team develop a deeper understanding and context for their work and the critical role it plays in your organization’s overall strategic goals.

Service Excellence will:
  • Give your service professionals  insight into their current approach
  • Give your service professionals important feedback from the manager’s perspective
  • Provide alignment to strategic organizational goals
  • Help your service team understand the behaviors important for success
  • Foster a customer-centric culture
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30+ years of research

Reliable data derived from our unique questionnaire design