Webinar Wrap-Up: an Inside Look at Momentum

When something is new – even if it’s brilliant – sometimes it takes a little while to understand it. Try to remember the first time you heard about Netflix. Watching TV on my computer? What time are the shows on? How do I know what’s on? Now, you likely tune into Netflix daily, and surf the options like a pro.

Momentum – MRG’s new cloud-based leadership development system – is completely new. And while thousands of people around the world know MRG assessments, nobody yet knows what this software is all about. They can’t quite picture how it connects to the LEATM and the LEA 360TM, the tools they know and love.

Fortunately, we’re happy to make the introduction. So this week, we offered our first “deminar” (demo + webinar) so we could provide a thorough tour through this innovative new system.

I usually deliver some highlights here in our Webinar Wrap-Ups – but as you might expect from a product demonstration, it’s really best to experience it for yourself, which you’re welcome to do – the recording is available here for you to watch any time. You are also welcome to schedule a private tour of Momentum with a member of the MRG team.

I can, however, tell you the primary features of Momentum that presenter Staci Nisbett covered in the tour:

  • Action Planning: Each participant’s LEA data is pre-loaded into Momentum so they can develop an action plan that’s informed by their assessment feedback, as well as the guidance they get from their coach or development program.
  • Reminders: Users can automate reminders to send pulse surveys, reflect, journal, and more, helping them stay focused on their developmental journey.
  • Pulse Surveys: Participants can send out simple and fast pulse surveys to their colleagues at any time, so they can get real-time feedback on their behaviors, and monitor their progress over time.
  • Journal: Momentum has a built-in journal so participants can document their reflections. The tag feature (where you can tag an entry to certain behaviors) and search function were particularly well-received.
  • Sharing: Participants can share anything in Momentum – action plans, pulse surveys, journals – with their coach or with anyone they choose.

To get the complete picture, I strongly encourage you to see it for yourself.

Watch it on-demand here.

Of course our brand-new product generated plenty of interesting questions. Read on for questions and answers from the deminar…

Q & A from the Deminar

Q: Is Momentum optimized for mobile?

A: Every aspect of Momentum, from the dashboard to all of the system’s emails, are optimized for mobile. This is especially helpful with the pulse surveys – they’re easy to respond to on the go.

Q: What about white labeling? Can I add my brand to it?

A: Yes! We built Momentum to allow for a coach or consultant to add their own brand, and even add an end client’s brand as well. Using the Momentum Coach Module, you’ll have several opportunities to customize Momentum’s appearance and even some of the questions and prompts for each end client you serve.

Q: How does Momentum manage privacy? As a coach, can I see all of my client’s data?

A: At MRG, we’re committed to the belief that an individual’s data is their own; even if they work with a coach or mentor, they have the right to make choices about how (and if) their data is shared. We created the “share” function in Momentum so that any participant can easily share aspects of their work with anyone they choose, but coaches and supervisors do not have automatic access to any of an individual’s work or data in Momentum.

Q: When will it be available in languages other than English?

A: Given the complexity of Momentum, translations will take some time. If you are working in a language other than English and would be interested in using Momentum with your clients, please get in touch to let us know. Understanding where the demand is helps inform our translation schedule.

Q: Are you considering creating a version of Momentum for the Individual Directions InventoryTM?

A: Such an interesting thing to consider! Momentum was designed specifically to help individuals focus on the behavioral changes they want to make. The IDI, as you likely know, explores motivation, something that is deeply internal, and not something we encourage people to try to change as they would their leadership behavior. It is interesting to imagine how a tool like Momentum could be used for individuals who are trying to better understand and leverage their own motivations. As demand for the IDI continues to grow, it’s certainly something we will be thinking about, but there are no immediate plans at this time.

Q: Is there a presentation available to help introduce clients to Momentum?

A: Yes – several resources are available to help make Momentum easily understood when you introduce it to current or prospective users. These included a PowerPoint starter slide deck, two brochures, and a two-minute video. To find these resources, log in to your Resource Center account and search for Momentum, or contact client services.


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