Supply Chain Leader: a Complex Role Requiring a Calm Demeanor

Supply chain leaders play a key role in ensuring an organization’s revenue and success. From helping to secure the right suppliers to ensuring efficient distribution (and every step in between), supply chain leaders are involved in many different areas of an organization. MRG recently conducted a study to identify the leadership behaviors that are most closely related to leadership effectiveness for this complex role.

It was no surprise that the most effective supply chain leaders are aware of the broad implications of their decisions. Their decisions have the potential to influence all aspect of the production and distribution process and it makes sense that they would require careful consideration to avoid unwanted consequences. Similarly, supply chain leaders place a good amount of emphasis on keeping their teams informed. This role oversees many different functions and may have team members working with different areas of an organization. Because of their far-reaching impact, it is important that they ensure that others are well informed.

These were not the only behaviors that predicted effectiveness for supply chain leaders. For example, effective supply chain leaders also tend to maintain a calm demeanor and not let their emotions become too evident.

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Maria is Head of Research at MRG. She loves a challenge and often gets a little too excited about running new studies. She finds peace and balance by cooking (as long as her husband is doing the cleaning) or being anywhere near the ocean.

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