Nobody Likes Empty Shelves

When I now think of consumer packaged goods organizations, I think of all the empty shelves in March of 2020 when the world…well…ground to a halt. It’s amazing what you take for granted and sometimes it takes that thing no longer being available for you to recognize your reliance upon it. Admit it, we all had mini-panics when we couldn’t find toilet paper for a few weeks!

What became apparent to me though is the pace these organizations need to run at to keep up with demand. As the label goes, we consume these goods quickly and in large volume, and what we learned last year (and in many cases are still learning) is that once the supply chain gets disrupted, these goods don’t last long.

With this in mind, when Maria Brown (MRG’s Head of Research) shared our best practice research on the consumer packaged goods industry with me, I wasn’t too surprised to find the LEA Behaviors of Strategic, Communication, and Control as the most predictive of leadership effectiveness. While the first two behaviors show up often in our best practice research, Control does less so. I found this interesting, but it also makes complete sense for this industry…leaders must prioritize discipline in getting things done, know what’s going on, and intervene when necessary to ensure the operation runs smoothly. If not for them…those toilet paper shelves would be empty far more often than any of us would be comfortable with!

Download the report to see the full set of results to learn what other behaviors leaders in the consumer packaged goods industry should look to prioritize.

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