Delivering results is more than setting ambitious goals

Most leaders want to be seen as delivering results. This is done by accomplishing a great deal and focusing on measurable outcomes. There is something about tangible and measurable outcomes that makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to delivering results than simply pushing for ambitious goals and having demanding expectations.

According to MRG’s recent exploration of this topic, leaders who are seen as accomplishing a great deal tend to both push themselves and others to achieve. They are also likely to be explicit and clear about what needs to be done, and to track current goals to ensure that their teams are delivering on promises.

These results, while based on data from leaders, seem to be broadly applicable. Any professional – or individual for that matter – who wants to see results needs to focus on two aspects. First, they must be clear about what reaching each goal looks like. Second, they need to make sure that progress is being made toward the goal. Without this set-up and follow-up we might all just end up with a long list of great ideas and no true plan for accomplishing them.

There is something special about research findings that immediately resonate with our day-to-day work. I am certainly thinking about it as I write my to-do list for the week!

Want to find out what else predicts effectiveness at delivering results? See the full best practices report here.

About the author

Maria is Head of Research at MRG. She loves a challenge and often gets a little too excited about running new studies. She finds peace and balance by cooking (as long as her husband is doing the cleaning) or being anywhere near the ocean.

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