Are you coaching a Job Jumper?

There are plenty of great reasons for people to keep their eyes open for new opportunities. In the current job market – where there are ample openings, particularly in certain industries – it can be especially tempting to start seeing greener grass everywhere you look. With the recent increase in remote work opportunities, workers may be even more tempted, since the search is no longer limited to jobs in a single location.

When it comes to one’s career, it never hurts to keep options open. Stagnation in a role – particularly a role that doesn’t energize you – can quickly lead to burnout. It’s healthy for any professional to regularly step back and thoughtfully reevaluate how satisfied they are in their current environment.

The key word: thoughtfully. While it can be tempting to leap at every new opportunity that presents itself, that can quickly land leaders in a “job jump” cycle: leap into a new opportunity without sufficient consideration; find that the new job just doesn’t feel right; rapidly start looking for the next opportunity and leaping into it without sufficient reflection… you get the idea.

In the current employment climate, you’ve likely encountered a potential job jumper. There’s no reason to deter the people you coach from seeking new opportunities – but set them up for success by coaching them to make these transitions as satisfying and fulfilling as possible.

Download the Coaching Crib Sheet for Career Transitions for a handful of simple tips to help with coaching professionals through evaluating – and yes, possible seizing – new opportunities. (Already an MRG client? Get this Coaching Crib Sheet and hundreds of other resources by logging into the Knowledge Base.)

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