Our Company was founded on the belief that individuals are complex and insight empowers a person to become more engaged and focused on opportunities for growth, increasing the likelihood of success.  All of our assessments and services are designed and delivered to leverage the interrelated power of Business, Science and Human Spirit.



We pride ourselves on being an organization that is exceptionally results focused and transparent, with unmatched levels of creativity and flexibility. We build reliability and credibility into all aspects of our company. We do this by providing:

  • Assessments and feedback linked to strategic context, with results specific to your organization's needs
  • Strong global partnerships with a network of 1500+ carefully screened and certified independent consultants
  • Certification programs for in-house Talent Management teams
  • A reliable, high-touch Client Services team committed to helping you every step of the way
  • Our premium web-based assessment delivery system available 24x7x365


Our assessments' adherence to data integrity and superior psychometric properties is unequaled in the industry. Insights hold the most validity when the collection method, data interpretation process and norm groups utilized are rigorous and trustworthy. MRG sets the standard in this area with:

  • Unique questionnaire design that maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses of more commonly used formats
  • Feedback reports that present complex data in a format that feels accessible and, in the end, more actionable
  • Over 100 research studies that provide critical, practical and relevant insights for organizations
  • One of the largest research databases in the world

Human Spirit

We honor the potential each person is capable of achieving as both a productive employee and individual. We value what makes people who they really are, with an emphasis on mutual respect and internal reflection expressed in our assessments by:

  • Providing feedback that is non-biased, descriptive and insightful with purposeful action plans to foster success
  • Believing each individual to be remarkably unique with the desire and potential for growth
  • Seeing people as having a more complex make-up than a simple number, color, or a set of initials can capture
  • Encouraging people to discover truths about themselves and harness their desire to take meaningful action