Three decades of research. Tens of thousands of participants. Key insights on the hottest topics in learning and development – with exclusive supporting data. It’s all at your fingertips.

Theories, opinions, even real-world experience – they’re no match for hard data. Build your expertise, identify emerging trends, and support or challenge your own positions on leadership development using exclusive research from MRG. With three decades of data drawn from leaders around the world, MRG studies offer unparalleled insights into today’s business environment, and the role that effective coaching and development plays in successful, sustainable growth.

WHITEPAPER | Coaching a Multi-Generational Workforce – Not Just the Post-Millennials

How do the various generations differ from each other, and what are the practical implications? A recent large scale study of leaders in Europe reveals new data that both supports and counters common generational assumptions and considers how these insights can be used in coaching practice.

WHITEPAPER | Coaching High Potentials: What to Know and What to Watch Out For

What behaviors and practices are the markers of a true high potential? Explore MRG's new leadership research to help employees become high potentials, succeed in senior positions, and avoid derailing along the way.

WHITEPAPER | Leadership: Breaking the Gender Ties that Bind

Leaders can be constrained by habits derived from gender-based patterns of behavior. MRG's research reveals significant gender differences in 17 of 22 key leadership behaviors. Tricia Naddaff explores these differences and explains how coaches are in a unique position to help leaders develop beyond the ties that bind them.