Defining Sales Requirements

SPA Strategic Directions™ will help you identify the most important sales behaviors for an organization's future success, creating a strategic context for sales assessment to help drive results through enhanced sales performance. Through the completion of a questionnaire and a facilitated discussion session, SPA Strategic Directions can be used to:

  • Tie the sales behaviors to business objectives
  • Clarify developmental priorities for the organization's sales professionals
  • Identify action steps that the senior team can complete in order to develop an organizational culture and reward system that will foster the desired sales behaviors

Coach and Develop

SPA Development Reports give clear, concise feedback on current sales practices and suggests developmental actions and presents information in a relevant, action-oriented manner suitable for sales professionals. The SPA Development Assessments are available in both Self-only and with Boss feedback options.

Group Insights

SPA Composite Profiles are an effective way to analyze the Sales practices and culture of a group and identifying their strengths and developmental needs. MRG's Enhanced Composite goes a step further, representing the SPA data with more impact, enabling you to have richer and more resonant discussions with groups and teams. With colorful, visually impressive graphs, the Enhanced Composite immediately tells the story of the Sales patterns within a team or a group creating a blueprint for training needs analysis and team development.

Sales Selection

The SPA Candidate Report provides a concise analysis of the candidate fit to the role, based upon the Success Profile developed within your organization using the SPA Strategic Directions process and/or the profile of your top performers. With specific insights into the assets and challenges individual candidates will likely exhibit, and targeted interview questions based on the SPA assessment results, the SPA candidate assessment will help you hire sales professionals with the skills and abilities required to grow your business.