Today's organizational leaders are looking for creative solutions supported by concrete evidence. With over 1.2 million individuals in our database, MRG can provide you with real-world analytics to help you meet the specific needs of each unique opportunity you have.

Access to MRG's library of research studies will give you answers to questions such as:

  • How do highly effective leaders or sales professionals in an industry, or function, or management level lead?
  • What is the difference in approach to leadership or sales by country, industry, gender, age or function?
  • What are the connections between what drives top leaders and sales people personally and how they approach work?

Customized research can also be developed to help answer important questions for specific organizations.

  • How does our leadership culture differ across the organization?
  • How are our most effective leaders leading?
  • How are our most effective sales professionals winning business?
  • What percentage of our leaders have the characteristics we need for future growth?

Let us help you lend credibility to your programs with studies and action plans tailored to your needs such as:

  • Best Practice Studies to identify the most important leadership practices for success in a given industry, organization or job function
  • Benchmarking Reports that highlight the distinguishing characteristics of highly successful leaders and managers in a given industry or role
  • Plans for Succession that identify leaders with high potential for advancement, discover their developmental needs and help them to achieve success at the next level
  • Comparative Studies describing the similarities and differences between two or more groups of individuals within your organization

Please visit the Articles and Findings section of our website to see samples of the research we can build for you.