Individual Directions Inventory

IDI supports Individual Coaching by providing insight that will:

  • Highlight an effective developmental path that is aligned with a person's motivational preferences
  • Facilitate exploration of the match between personal motivations and those required in work situations
  • Guide the discovery of underlying reasons they may find some aspects of their work rewarding or fulfilling and others difficult or draining
  • Help managers build more effective ways to manage individuals based on their unique motivations

IDI supports Team Development by revealing where motivational drivers within a team are similar and where they are different, building insight and awareness that enables members of the team to work together more effectively.

Used in combination with MRG's leadership or sales assessments, the IDI expands personal insight by combining role-specific behavior and the motivation behind that behavior, enabling the creation of action plans that will be both more successful and sustainable.

Personal Directions

Individual Coaching with Personal Directions® gives people powerful insight into significant areas of their lives and guides them through a structured process for setting meaningful personal goals and developing action strategies to harness the full power of all that they are for both personal and professional growth.

Use Personal Directions® for Transition Coaching – through job changes or life stages – to support a successful transition through insight into sectors of life where investments are made and why, important emotional drivers and a planful approach to building the desired quality of life.

Pair Personal Directions® with Leadership Effectiveness to develop the "total" leader who has a clear vision of their work objectives balanced by a deep understanding of personal motivation and how to achieve satisfaction from all areas of their life.