MRG believes that success is most readily achieved when people are energized and engaged in their worlds. At the deepest level, people are motivated to seek satisfaction in both life and work. Understanding this driving force can be a powerful tool for individuals, groups and organizations to reach their true potential.

The Individual Directions Inventory™ (IDI) assessment measures 17 key dimensions reflecting the degree to which an individual gains emotional satisfaction from work and life. It will reveal what is happening below the surface, highlighting the connection between motivation and behavior, and offers a deeper, richer understanding of what drives an individual. Imagine the powerful impact of a tool that will:

  • Help people understand their own motivations and how their motivations relate to their work and performance
  • Inspire leaders and managers to use motivation to support business initiatives and empower the individuals on their teams
  • Build stronger teams through a deeper understanding of the motivations that inspire each individual to encourage full engagement
  • Offer managers and employees a thoughtful coaching model that builds on the unique potential of each individual

The Personal Directions® (PD) assessment is founded on the assumption that people have the power to change their worlds in order to gain greater levels of satisfaction and personal growth.

Personal Directions® adds 18 life architecture and 11 quality of life variables to the 17 key motivational dimensions from the IDI to provide individuals with clear, powerful feedback on how they see themselves in significant areas of their lives. Capitalizing on the enlightenment this feedback brings, Personal Directions® lays a deep, robust foundation for both career development and personal growth for an individual that fosters success at work and in life.

Through a process of reflection and development, Personal Directions® will reveal:

  • What individuals want from their world
  • Areas of life where individuals have chosen (both intentionally and unintentionally) to invest their energy and resources
  • Unique insights into how individuals feel about the investments and choices they have made
  • Actions to consider, based on what they now know about themselves, as they look into the future