Define Leadership Effectiveness

MRG has two valuable role requirements products as part of our Leadership suite that can help identify the most important behaviors for success at an organizational level or for a particular role.  Both offerings incorporate the use of an individual questionnaire and a facilitated discussion session of whole-group results to gain a collective vision for the target success profile in each unique situation. 

LEA Strategic Directions™ will help identify the most important behaviors for success within an organization, creating a strategic context for leadership assessment and making business strategy come alive for leaders and managers. Typically used with an organization's senior management team, LEA Strategic Directions™ can:

  • Identify the critical leadership practices and tie them to business objectives
  • Clarify developmental priorities for the organization's leaders and managers
  • Identify action steps that the senior team can complete to develop a culture that will foster the desired leadership behaviors

LEA Role Expectations™ effectively identifies the leadership practices required for a specific role and will help:

  • Create clear expectations for a new position to aid in the selection and development of new employees
  • Clarify and resolve differences in expectations between an incumbent and his or her manager
  • Create greater consistency when multiple leaders are in the same role

Coach and Develop

LEA Development Reports for individuals allow you to measure leadership at the level your intervention requires. The LEA 360 Report incorporates observations from others to provide deep insights into the patterns of leadership practices and increases awareness about the impact they are having on key constituents. Both come with rich feedback that includes:

  • Powerful, unique descriptions of an individual's approach to leadership
  • Strategic implications and developmental opportunities
  • Suggested action steps and tools for prioritizing developmental actions

LEA 360's companion, Leadership Impact Report, is designed to provide participants with additional developmental feedback to augment the standard LEA 360 report. Participants are able to review how their observers rated them in 26 leadership effectiveness areas of focus including Future Potential, Ability to Develop People and Ability to Make Effective Decisions. LEA practices that contribute to success in each area of effectiveness are also identified, making the connections richer and the focus for development clearer.

LEA and LEA/IDI Coaching Reports contain insightful, practical information for assimilation coaching or onboarding a successful candidate.  Both provide information on the Assets and Potential Challenges and produce constructive coaching suggestions that can be utilized by the coach, the individual's manager, or the individual him- or herself to help development in key areas of leadership. Additionally, the LEA-IDI Coaching report includes motivational considerations to provide additional insights into what inspires and drives the individual to do his or her best work.

When produced with a Success Profile developed using the LEA Role Expectations or Strategic Directions process, these two reports can also provide concise analyses of the individual's fit to the role.

Group Insights

LEA Composite Profiles are an effective way to analyze the leadership practices and culture of a group and identify their strengths and developmental needs. MRG's Enhanced Composite goes a step further, representing the LEA data with more impact, enabling richer and more resonant discussions with groups and teams. With colorful, visually impressive graphs, the Enhanced Composite immediately tells the story of the leadership patterns within a team or a group creating a blueprint for training needs analysis and team development.

Leadership Selection

LEA and LEA/IDI Candidate Reports contain insightful, practical information to support the selection process. Both reports provide concise analyses of the candidate fit to the role based upon the Success Profile developed within an organization using the LEA Role Expectations process, the LEA Strategic Directions process and/or the results of a validation study.

Both reports provide information on the Assets and Potential Challenges of the candidate and produce interview questions to help focus in on and explore any potential issues or mismatches with the role requirements. Additionally, the LEA/IDI Candidate report includes motivational considerations to provide additional insights into what inspires and drives a candidate to do his or her best work.

Leadership Culture

LEA Culture™ identifies leadership behaviors currently in practice within an organization and can be used to:

  • Assess the variety of leadership cultures that exist within a large organization
  • Prepare for a major organizational change initiative
  • Identify similarities and differences of leadership cultures during mergers and acquisitions
  • Determine the gap between the current leadership culture and the desired leadership culture