With MRG's unique approach to assessment design, you can be sure you are working with tools that are proven and credible, yet flexible enough to be well-suited for any assessment, development or coaching process.

Our distinctive semi-ipsative format challenges respondents to choose and rank their behavioral and motivational preferences, limiting common forms of respondent bias resulting in a more accurate, honest assessment.

MRG's "results with respect" philosophy shines through in feedback reports that present results in practical and nonjudgmental ways that promote self-understanding and facilitate constructive change. Individuals are not left feeling categorized or demoralized, but empowered with critical insights and inspired to engage in work and life in exciting new ways.

Backed by 30 years of leading-edge research studies and one of the largest databases in the industry, our products have a proven track record. Individuals receiving feedback through one of MRG's assessments will see themselves in comparison to other professionals in similar geographic and cultural demographics providing them with a meaningful context.

MRG's premium web-based assessment management system, Quest, is unmatched in the industry.  This robust, flexible tool gives you full control over the application of our products in your business and affords you opportunities to make our assessments fit your needs with options to:

  • Ask customized questions, in anchored rating or open-ended format, to enhance results with targeted information
  • View results against a target profile, developed specifically for your business
  • Customize report output to meet the needs of a specific engagement or project
  • Build best practices and benchmarking reports for an array of demographic groups
  • Give participants a flexible, 24/7 means of completing questionnaires

We encourage you to explore our assessment products now, or contact us to speak directly with someone who can help you choose what will work best for you.