Tricia Naddaff

Tricia Naddaff is the President at Management Research Group, and works extensively with MRG's worldwide network of clients providing support, education, consulting and coaching to assist in their ...

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... development and selection work with individuals and organizations around the world. Tricia has been consulting with individuals, teams and organizations for over 25 years.

In addition to consulting, her experience includes product development, research and business development. Tricia speaks both nationally and internationally to groups of leaders focused on improving their effectiveness in their roles and the quality of their lives and is a contributing author to the book "Enlightened Power". Tricia received her Master's degree in Management from Lesley College and her undergraduate degree from Boston College.

Outside of the office, Tricia likes to spend time with family and friends, play the piano, sing (loudly and occasionally off key), eat wonderful food, watch great performances, meditate and walk on the beach (a cliché but true). She'd love to say that she is also an accomplished athlete, but that would not even be close to the truth.

Jim Lomac
Sr. Vice President / Founding Partner

Jim is a co-founder of MRG and was closely involved in the development of our Leadership and Sales Effectiveness models. Over the past three decades, Jim has conducted thousands of leadership and sales ...

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... workshops for individuals and groups, and has provided leadership development consultation to hundreds of organizations worldwide.

Jim started his career as a sales representative for IBM and uses that experience frequently when educating others on how to best leverage our leadership and sales tools. His current focus is on training consultants and internal human resource professionals in the use of MRG's products.

When not extolling the virtues of MRG, Jim can often been found on the golf course or enjoying time with his wife.

Staci Nisbett
Chief Architect, Connections & Solutions

As part of the leadership team at MRG, Staci plays an integral role in defining the overall strategic focus for the organization and is responsible for leading the Growth & Outreach, Product Development and Service teams in the implementation of that strategy....

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... We affectionately refer to her as our Solution Mastermind, but simply put, Staci’s primary focus is on the client experience from every angle.  Her outgoing spirit and inquisitive nature serve her well in connecting prospective and existing clients around the globe with the right MRG products and services to meet their unique needs.  Staci’s interpretive core and drive to succeed are evident when you see her bouncing around the office with excitement and satisfaction at having partnered with a client to craft a bold, innovative solution.  She likes to win, but enjoys sharing success with our clients even more!

In her private time away from MRG, Staci is the Board President at Camp Ketcha and serves on the Board at A Company of Girls.  In her off time, Staci is likely to be found reading a good book, taking in a Broadway show, swinging a tennis racquet or walking the beach with her doggies.

David Ringwood
Vice President of Client Development for the EMEA Region

David joined MRG in 2006 as Vice President of Client Development for the EMEA region, working with clients in all aspects of licensing, business development, consulting support and assessment application. ...

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... He began his career in investment banking with JP Morgan back in the late 1980s, then moved into professional services and consulting. He has worked with organizations such as Korn/Ferry International and Mercer HR Consulting and has lived in Ireland, UK, Eastern Europe and Asia/Pacific. He is absolutely passionate about assessment and how it can be used to support people in their professional development and in their life journey.

The things that are most important to David are his family and his work, and in his spare time he enjoys golf, Formula 1 motorsport, and traveling.

Cindy Hayes
Senior Business Development Coordinator

Cindy has been with MRG since the very beginning... 1983 to be exact. Currently our Senior Business Development Coordinator, Cindy started out as a Client Services Representative and spent ...

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... some time as Client Services Manager before moving into the Business Development department. If it happened at MRG, Cindy was here for it and most likely can remember all the key details without thinking twice.

When she is not being asked to remember particulars no one should ever be asked to remember, Cindy enjoys gardening, knitting, reading, cooking, day tripping and spending time with her husband, two daughters and two miniature schnauzers!

Heather Troidl
Systems & Practices

As a leader in the area of Business Technology and Organizational Practices, Heather ensures that MRG’s thought leadership is expressed and shared in many cohesive ways with MRG’s clients and throughout the MRG organization ...

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...With a focus on “liberating structure and processes”, Heather is often found asking – how can we make this work even better and more efficiently?

Heather is also a member of the MRG Business Strategy Team and is responsible for partnering with the Business Technology, Education Program, and Research teams in the implementation of that strategy. Additionally, she oversees our software development team and all platform upgrades and new releases. Important stuff and she's really good at it.

Before joining MRG, Heather spent 10 years at TD Bank and HSBC Bank as the Mortgage Business Technology Manager, overseeing global loan platforms as well as web-based and mobile banking applications.

Outside of the office she enjoys playing tennis, exploring the beautiful coast of Maine with her husband, and playing the cello.

Rob Kabacoff, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research

Rob Kabacoff is a leading researcher and consultant in the areas of diversity and leadership, cross-cultural issues, and the development of effective leaders in a global economy. Since joining MRG in ...

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... 1998 as the Vice President of Research, Rob has worked with organizations around the world to help identify the leadership practices most likely to bring success in a given industry, culture and context.

Rob is the author of several books on leveraging data and graphics in new and creative ways and maintains a leading website and blog on data analytics called

When not crunching numbers for MRG, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and golden retriever and also enjoys traveling.

Christine Chasse
Education & Executive Coaching

Christine has over 20 years of instructional design and presentation experience.  As a leader in Client Education and Executive Coaching, Christine oversees all aspects of the product certification experience ...

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... including designing and implementing the remote learning program and providing continuing education opportunities to clients and prospects via our popular webinars.  An active contributor to both the Marketing and Product Development functions, Christine is currently in training to become an ICF-certified executive coach via the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and will complete her certification in fall of 2014. 

Prior to joining MRG, Christine was a Training Manager and an Account Manager at First Advantage, a Professional Instructor at I-many, Inc., now Revitas, and a high-school English teacher.  Christine holds a Master’s in Education from the University of Virginia and earned her Bachelor’s in English Education from Syracuse University.

When not playing the grammar guru at MRG, Christine spends her free time skiing, cycling, playing crazy-8 with her son, enjoying live music, reading, practicing yoga and spending time with good friends.

Lida Hutchings
Finance & Talent

As a leader in the area of Finance and Talent, Lida is charged with ensuring that our financial and HR systems and procedures adhere to MRG's principles ...

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... Lida keeps our company humming financially and brings an enthusiastic and compassionate approach to developing our people. As part of the executive strategy team, Lida plays a vital role in creating and delivering MRG’s global vision and business strategy.

Prior to joining MRG in 2007, Lida graced the offices of Macdonald Page, a Maine-based CPA firm as a senior accountant for seven years.

When not keeping MRG's financials and HR systems running smoothly, Lida enjoys running, traveling and spending time on the water with her husband and three children. She loves a good puzzle and can easily carry on a conversation in Russian. On the weekends throughout the year you will find her cheering on her kids at the swimming pool, on the soccer field, basketball court and at the dojo.

"IDI has led our clients to many of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve seen in 14 years of coaching."

Roger Evans,
Roger Evans and Associates

London, UK