Our certification workshops provide extensive training to consultants, organizational development specialists, and internal human resources professionals in the interpretation and use of our assessment-based products.

We offer flexible education options to accommodate your organization's unique needs and learning style with our an ever-growing suite of remote and online education opportunities as well as in person workshops covering all of our product offerings. We can even bring an MRG Certification Workshop to the location of your choice. On-site training allows your organization to certify multiple people in the use and application of MRG tools at once and adds the cost-saving benefit of eliminating travel costs and time spent away from the office.

All of our Certification Workshops are led by one of our expert facilitators, each with over 10 years of experience in the application of MRG assessments.

Contact us to inquire about the certifications listed below, or to discuss custom certification options.

MRG Certification Cancellation Policy

Start Date



November 8, 2016

Individual Directions Inventory (IDI)

3 Remote Webinars
Held weekly from 10am-12pm ET

December 8, 2016

Sales Performance Assessment (SPA)

2 Remote Webinars
Held weekly from 10am-12pm ET

January 10, 2017

Strategic Leadership Development (LEA 360)

5 Remote Webinars
Held weekly from 10am-12pm ET

February 2

Personal Directions (PD)/ Individual Directions Inventory (IDI)

Remote Webinars
IDI: Three 2 hour Sessions
PD: Five 2 hour Sessions
Held weekly from 10am-12pm ET