This excerpt collection of MRG articles, research studies, and presentations is offered below to help expand your knowledge, enhance your practice, and make your business as successful as possible. These complimentary resources are another reason why: There is No Limit to Where Insight Can Take You.

Motivations_Leadership_StylesPersonal Motivations and Leadership Styles in Organizational Settings Explore therelationship between individuals' emotional drivers and their approach to leadership. MRG's study on 1,300 US and Canadian managers selected from a wide range of organizations finds clear and interpretable patterns and discusses their implications for leadership assessment, selection, and development. 

HR Leaders at the Crossroads:  Remaining Relevant in the Global Economy What do the most successful HR leaders look like?  What do HR leaders need to consider in their own approach to leadership to remain relevant in today’s business environment? Research on over 1,700 HR professional from 24 industries across the world reveals 6 leadership attributes that are critical for success and 3 definite derailers to avoid.

The Glass Ceiling Revisited: Gender and Perceptions of Competency Why are there still so few women leaders in senior level positions around the world?  MRG’s study of 5,436 leaders and their boss evaluations uncovers the perceptions of limited effectiveness on three competencies for female leaders that may hold an important part of the answer to this question.

The Four Filters: Defining Leadership  Considering the needs of the organization, the demands of the leader’s role and situation, and the unique characteristics of the individual leader, this article answers the question “How to we establish an approach to leadership development that will develop leaders who will be both successful and satisfied?”

Leading Across Boundaries: Country Differences In Leadership and Why It Matters How do approaches to leadership differ across the globe?  MRG's study includes 96,000 leaders in 26 countries and both confirms some historical observations and reveals some surprising new insights into leadership cultures around the world.

Demonstrating the Link Between Leadership Behavior and Bottom-Line Results  How can you prove that leadership development works?  This MRG case study shows tangible evidence that leadership development initiatives can have an impact on profitability and organizational effectiveness.

Best Leadership Practices In Public Sector Organizations in Western Europe  What makes a leader successful in the Public Sector, and how does that differ from success factors in the Private Sector?  MRG's study of over 2,000 leaders in each Sector including 125 public sector organizations and 140 private organizations in 8 European countries offers actionable answers to this question.

The Strategic Leader  In study after study, strategic thinkers are found to be the most highly effective leaders.  Strategic leadership practices do not have to be mysterious or esoteric.  Learn simple techniques to become a more strategic leader.

The Challenge of Growing from an Effective First-Line Manager into an Effective Executive  Gain a deeper understanding of the challenging developmental transitions leaders must make as they move into more senior roles.  The results of a large-scale research study of 3,000 first-line managers and 9,000 executives show the four most important developmental transitions to become a highly effective senior leader.

Age Differences In Organizational Leadership  Explore the results of two studies that examine the relationship between age and approach to leadership.  Learn how having leaders at all ages helps ensure that more organizational needs are met.  Studying over 1,500 leaders in two age groups (25-35) and (45-55) yields interesting and sometimes surprising results.

Measuring Leaders:  Issues to Consider in Evaluating or Developing a Leadership Assessment Instrument  Should you buy or build?  What should you consider when evaluating a leadership assessment instrument? Learn how to select (or build) a tool to meet your needs that is accurate, valid, and meaningful.

Leadership Best Practices for Senior Executives in North America  Discover which leadership practices distinguish highly effective executives from less effective executives. MRG’s study of 239 CEO’s and 1,782 Senior Executive VP’s from over 500 organizations in North America help discern what is special about the leadership behaviors of corporate superstars.