MRG is passionate about the power of knowledge and insight and we strive to provide opportunities for our clients to share in the gratification we get from learning and growing with each other. What starts with an interactive, practical learning environment during certification continues via conversations, connections and relationships fostered through our diverse offerings for all of our clients. MRG invites you to discover all the ways we can help you connect and learn with your peers.  Through MRG you will have access to:

Advanced Interpretation/Continuing Education courses that build upon the fundamentals learned in the Certification Workshops helping you to uncover the full power of MRG's unique assessments.

Complimentary webinars hosted by our experts that explore the latest trends, benchmarks and best-practices in leadership, motivation and sales.

MRG Conferences where you can see the latest in MRG Research, products, and technology initiatives and attend presentations by MRG clients highlighting the use of our assessments in a variety interventions.

A Client Community portal where you will find best practice reports, white papers, recorded webinars, featured presentations and other forward-thinking resources that will enhance your use of our assessments and understanding of executive coaching and organizational development.

The MRG Discussion Forum where clients and thought leaders debate questions, share ideas and provide professional support to each other in a dynamic and focused setting.

Our Education Center containing a variety of resources created to train you in additional MRG assessments and refresh your knowledge of products for which you are already certified.