Hard work and good intentions have limits. To achieve success, uncover the hidden insights and motivations that illuminate new opportunities for growth.

You have hard workers who want to succeed.

And yet, motivation and energy don’t always align with tasks and expectations. When your employees don’t understand why or how to adjust, wheels spin and frustration sets in. To make progress, your employees need deeper levels of self-awareness.

The Individual Directions Inventory connects motivations, behaviors and work in ways that make progress possible.

Measuring 17 key dimensions, the Individual Directions Inventory is designed to reflect the degree to which an individual gains emotional satisfaction from work and life. In essence, the assessments are one set of tools that led to another – the answers that make change achievable.

The IDI:
  • Surfaces subtle, often hidden drivers to reignite individual energy and illuminate opportunities for growth
  • Highlights aspects of an individual’s ideal environment and strengthens team dynamics
  • Builds a roadmap for channeling motivational energy, improving team dynamics and supporting business objectives
  • Supports organizational change, coaching, executive transition and candidate selection

The IDI will reveal untapped sources of energy to help your employees reach their full potential. As part of a unique, proven system, the IDI is designed to work in sync with the Leadership Effectiveness Assessmentâ„¢ (LEA) or any number of other MRG assessments and development tools.



Reliable data derived from our unique questionnaire design